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At Little People of America

Sammy with Polly the Chicken and

Ashley from Pit Boss in the Petting Zoo

Princess Blue

Princess Blue


Goats in the zoo


Whilhelmina the Pot Belly Pig

Whilhelmina the Pot Belly Pig

Petting Zoo

Random Animals in the Petting Zoo

Happy Hooves Party Pic

Wilhelmina taking a nap

Taffy and farm


Bandit cooling off

Blue as blue princess

Blue in green


Chickens Diane & Joy

Chico hitching a ride on Cookie

Cooper cowboy

Cooper unicorn

Cowboy Blue

Dixie at 6 weeks old (10-21-13)


Dudley and Sammy in the zoo



Happy Hooves Party


Jasper at a bridal photo shoot

Goats in the zoo

Jimmy Dean (9 months old)

Petting Zoo

Family Happy Hooves




Family Photo

Christmas Family Photo




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*If your party or event is at a City Park, or any other area that requires additional insurance, there is a $100.00 additional fee.

*Prices, animal, and activities subject to change without notice. Pricing is for Orange County only - call for quote on out of county locations.

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